Sunol Regional Wilderness
Equestrians enjoying horsback riding at Sunol Park... you are able to rent horses by the day or hour at the park or bring your own
Sunol Regional Wilderness is located a few miles east of Fremont or northeast of Milpitas off of Calaveras Blvd. This park is one of the northernmost parks in the Hamilton range. Formerly a ranch, much of the flavor of the Old West can be experienced here. There are many things to do at this East Bay Regional Park. Hiking, picnicking, mountain biking, taking a dip in the creek, and camping are all activities you might find yourself doing here. You can even hire a horse for a guided tour as this group to the left has done.

To get the park, take 680 (north of Fremont) to the Calaveras exit south. Turn on Geary road which dead ends in the park. You can also hike over from Fremont's Mission Peak Regional Park. In fact, there are a series of parks and public lands from Mission Peak to Del Valle Park that form a continuous almost 30 mile trail. One could go on a backpacking trip for several days, starting the trip by taking BART and a short bus ride to Mission Peak. If a project like this interests you, the following links will be useful (in the order listed): BART, AC Transit (take bus 218 from Fremont BART), Ohlone College (map) (trailhead is by the lake up the hill in back of campus), Mission Peak, Sunol Park, Ohlone Wilderness, Del Valle Park.

Here is a basic map of the park which should be useful for mountain biking. (Only the trails where mountain bikes are allowed are shown on this map.) East Bay Regional Parks has a pdf map for Sunol Park. Here is map I created with Topo! that should be useful for hiking and horseback riding. This map is a lot bigger and slower to download, though. If you have Topo!™ SF Bay Area, the topographical mapping software from National Geographic Maps, you may use these files for waypoints, and trails (right-click and save to disk).

For more information check the East Bay Regional Park website
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